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Guywire Accessory Cord

Guywire Accessory Cord

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Product Details:

We manufacture our Guywire to be strong, low stretch, and tangle resistant. It is constructed exactly like our Reflective Glowire, minus the reflective tracers. It can be used for any application you can think of and will become your new favorite accessory cord. Made in the USA, using the best materials on Earth!

Construction Type, Technical Details & Materials:

Kernmantle Construction. Not Spliceable. High Tenacity Polyester Jacket w/ High Tenacity Polyester Parallel Fiber Core. UV Resistant. Jacket and Core Melt Together.

Size: 2mm (5/64"), Weight Per Foot: .04oz (1.13grams), Avg. Break Strength: 275 lbs
Size: 3mm (1/8"), Weight Per Foot: .08oz (2.26grams), Avg. Break Strength 575 lbs
Size: 5mm (13/64"), Weight Per Foot: .235oz(6.66grams), Avg. Break Strength 1500 lbs

What sets our Guywire apart from our competitors: 
We use the best yarns possible. We braid the line so its strong, low stretch and very tangle resistant. We give you more product for less money. We design the line to work really great and we make it ourselves.  

For those of you who want to Buy a Spool:
To Buy a Spool, please click the Spool button above which will display the price per foot, and then enter quantity you would like to buy. The minimum order quantity for a spool is 300' feet.  The maximum order quantity is unlimited, but if you order more than the range, the cordage will have to come on multiple spools.  If you have any questions, please ask.  We are here to help! : )
2mm    300'-4,000' @ $.15 Per Foot
3mm    300'-2,000' @ $.25 Per Foot
5mm    300'-1,000' @ $.35 Per Foot

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