About Us

Lawson Equipment is owned and operated by me and my wife, Lawson and Danielle Kline. 

I live, eat, breath, and sleep in the outdoors.  I love backpacking, biking, canoeing, camping, cooking over an open fire, fishing, hiking, hunting, kayaking, shooting, snow skiing, surfing, and anything else I can do outside and Danielle supports my addictions.  We have two little girls and they love the outdoors just like us.  

Lawson Equipment is a family owned manufacturing company with a focus on making high quality outdoor gear in the USA  using the best materials on Earth.(We are based in Young Harris, Ga). Our primary focus is braiding high tech cordage.  We like to say that "If we make it, it's the best there is". 

We primarily sell our products directly to our customers, but we work with a few retailers around the world to have better distribution.  We stand behind every product we make and have a 100% NO BULLSHIT GUARANTEE.  If you are not 100% satisfied with anything you buy from us, no matter the reason, send it back for an exchange or a full refund.  This can be next week, next year or next decade.  

The Longer More Interesting Story that is Steeped in Legend and Myth:

Do you know what Lawson Equipment and the invention of the wheel have in common? 

Throughout history, inventions were inspired by nature. The idea of the fork came from a forked stick; the idea of the airplane came from a bird. But did you know there are no examples of wheels in nature?  So it's often said, the wheel is the world's greatest invention.  

Many people wonder, when was the wheel invented and who invented it?  Well let me tell you because I know.  Most historians around the world agree that it was 3400 BC by Hieronymus Kline.  The story goes that he had just brewed the most amazing batch of Hefeweizen, but he was without a beer stein to drink it.  As his thirst grew, he became more and more desperate to taste his delicious ale.  So that night while he slept, he had a visionary dream.  A dream that would change the world forever... 

He dreamt that he made a potters wheel where he turned a lump of clay into a handsome stein that would hold as much beer as he could drink.   

The next day he woke up early to a beautiful sunrise and singing birds.  As he ate his breakfast of steak and eggs, He decided today was the day to change the world as everyone knew it.   So he tirelessly worked throughout the morning and by lunchtime he had invented and made the first wheel.  Hieronymus was so thirsty from his work, that his next objective was to create the perfect beer stein.  

That evening he was so excited by the possibilities of his new invention. The wheel!!! That he celebrated by drinking his delicious golden Hefeweizen out of his brand new beer stein and having a great time with his wife in bed.  And do you know what the result of too much beer and a great time with his wife was?

A great, great, great grandson 179 generations after him named Lawson.  The founder and owner of Lawson Equipment.

Lawson & Danielle Kline