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Ultraglide Bear Line

Ultraglide Bear Line

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Our Reflective Ultraglide bear line was specifically designed to be used as a bear bagging line.  It is Ultra Strong, Ultra Slick, Ultra Light and Ultra Tough.  Our cord is made using Dyneema SK75 which is one of the slickest, strongest and lightest weight fibers ever created.  Unlike other throw lines on the market that have vinyl or urethane coatings.  Ours does not, as we wanted to maximize its slipperiness.  Dyneema Fibers Coefficient of Friction is comparable to that of Teflon, but the Dyneema Fiber we use has much better abrasion resistance. 15 times more abrasion resistance than carbon steel.  This is like having a non-stick coating on your throwline.  Which means, that our UltraGlide effortlessly glides and slides over tree limbs and will not get hung up.  Gear testers have commented that it feels like there is a pulley in the tree's.  The cord features a double color fleck of orange which adds a pop of color to the line and protects the 3M reflective tracer from abrasion. After braiding, the line is pre-stretched and polished which makes the surface extra smooth.  While its super slick, it holds knots well.  But we recommend a little extra tail on your knots.  The diameter is little larger than other throwlines, so its easier on your hands and tree limbs.  This is the best bear bagging line out there.  This cord is proudly manufactured by us on our braiding machines using the best quality yarns available. Diameter: 2.3mm (3/32"), Weight: 2.0 oz per 50',  3.5mm (9/64"), Weight 4.0 oz per 50'.  Avg.Break Strength: Not Rated, But Strong Enough to hang a Grizzly Bear!  Made In USA

For those of you who want to Buy a Spool:
To Buy a Spool, please click the Spool button above which will display the price per foot, and then enter quantity you would like to buy. The minimum order quantity for a spool is 300' feet.  The maximum order quantity is unlimited, but if you order more than the range, the cordage will have to come on multiple spools.  If you have any questions, please ask.  We are here to help! : ) 
2.3mm    300'-1,500' @ $.30 Per Foot
3.5mm 300'-750' @ $.51 Per Foot

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